Why there is so much bragging about diamonds?

It will be a little unfair if people do not have a liking for diamonds. Even men can’t resist their liking for diamond jewellery. The ones born in the month of April are lucky to have it as their birthstone. As I grew up, I have always wondered as to why people fall for diamonds and why the guy who goes on one knee always has a ring with a diamond embedded in it. There is so much bragging about buying diamonds. So here are some of the facts as to why there is so much love for diamonds.

They are the fallen stars!

There has always been so much love and craze for diamonds jewellery that they are called the fallen stars of the earth. This is because people knew how much valuable diamonds but little did they know how they formed. This is the main reason as to why people considered them as the fallen stars of the earth. They are so pretty and enticing. There are also myths that said diamonds are the tears drops of Gods that reached the earth.

It is the bond between carbons:

Remember your carbon chemistry classes that largely spoke of the formation of diamonds. Diamonds are carbon particles in their basic form. They form beneath the surface of the earth that these carbons bond and form the beautiful diamonds. The appearance of the diamonds depends on the carbon molecules that bond together.

The strongest of all:

Did know that when the word when translated into Greek means invincible? Yes, diamond is one of the top 10 hardest substances found on earth, and they are naturally born. That is why they are called invincible and indestructible. The only substance that can fight a diamond is another diamond and nothing else.

Diamonds invoke health:

Diamonds are believed as a mark of longevity, and for the same reason, they are associated with the heath of the person. A product that arises as a result of chemical composition especially out of the natural process is always believed to carry the reaction for all its life. Since diamonds are formed under extreme conditions, it automatically has the ability to bear great stress. This ability is believed to be transferred to the buyer or the wearer as well. Apart from health, people also believe that diamond has the ability to keep the traveller safe during the journey.

For the luxury lovers:

There are factors that define a buyer’s demand and his/her purchasing pattern. Diamonds, for most people, is a brand that symbolises wealth and luxury and for the same reason, they buy diamond jewellery. So it is a symbol of pride, and that is the reason as to why there is all this love and craze for diamonds.