4 Important Tips That Will Help You Buy The Right Diamond

The diamond that was a symbol of luxury once has today become something that most people are capable of buying. Yes, of course there are diamonds that can’t be afforded even if you have all the money in the world but the world is full of cheap tricks. Sometimes people fall into the pit of fake diamond merchants and pay more money for something that’s not worth the price they pay. So here are some of the tips that you have to remember to make the right choices when you buy diamonds.

Your money matters:

Just because people are into buying a lot of diamonds that doesn’t mean they have become affordable. So you always have to keep in mind the money that you are trying to invest in jewellery. It is always based on the budget your quality of your jewellery is determined. At this point when you feel like your wallet is not fat enough to buy diamonds, do not compromise. Be patient and wait for the right time.

Pick the right merchant:

The quality and the range of diamonds depend on the merchant you choose to buy your diamonds. Not all diamond merchants can help you buy the right quality of jewellery at the right price. People also have this misconception that, ‘the smaller the merchant, the cheaper the price’. This might not be true always. It is not the cost of the diamond, but its quality, authenticity, merchant’s services and the guarantee that they provide make the jewelrycostly when you buy it from a branded place.

Reports can be subjective:

Yes, as a buyer, you must always try and find the ways in which you can guarantee the quality of the jewellery that you are buying. That is why we look for references and reports that assure the quality of the diamond that you are buying. But you cannot always trust these reports blindly. You must also be aware of the fact that the Kimberly Certification thing came into the market only to determine the authenticity and to reduce the fake-fever that was prevalent back then. So it is important that you analyse various other facts apart from certificates.

The 4 C’s of diamond:

Most of you might know this. But since it is important we are not pushing it off the list. The 4 C’s stand for Clarity, Cut, Colour, and Carat of the diamond. These are the four major factors that determine the quality of the diamond.

  • The colour also signifies the grade and the price of the diamond changes based on the colour. For instance, the grey ones are cheap, while the pink, blue and white ones are a bit expensive.
  • The cut defines the quality. It includes the number of cuts, the shape and its shape edges. All these put together, decide the quality of the diamond. This is probably the most important one out of the 4 C’s.
  • The carat and the clarity of the diamond are quite self-explanatory ones. Just have them in mind.